As a response to the recent implementation update of the APC-SLPP agreement on National Unity presented by Chief Minister Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, Dr. Kaifala Marah, former Minister of Finance and influential APC member in Sierra Leone, expressed concern over what he deemed a misleading portrayal of the agreement’s progress.

Dr. Kaifala Marah underscored that the “Implementation update on the Agreement of National Unity” by Chief Minister Sengeh is problematic under Resolution (3). He emphasized that the Co-Chairs of the APC and the Government of Sierra Leone had not committed to providing feedback on the draft Terms of Reference (ToRs) but instead agreed to commence work on the specified date, December 13, 2023. Regrettably, the government failed to make an appearance, raising questions about their commitment to the collaborative process.

The disagreement appears to hinge on the interpretation of the agreed-upon resolution, with Dr. Kaifala Marah asserting that the government’s absence on the designated day contradicts the spirit of the accord. This raises concerns about the sincerity of both parties in fostering national unity through their collaborative efforts.

The rift between the APC and the government, as highlighted by Dr. Kaifala Marah, brings to the forefront the challenges in implementing such crucial agreements. The failure to kick start the collaborative work as intended may lead to further tensions and hinder the progress towards achieving the goals outlined in the National Unity Agreement.

Sierra Leoneans remains to be seen how the APC, led by figures like Dr. Kaifala Marah, and the government, represented by Chief Minister Sengeh, will resolve their differences and ensure the effective implementation of the National Unity Agreement for the benefit of the nation.