The former Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Late Dr. Minkailu Bah’s family has been rendered homeless after the confiscated of his house.

Findings of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) implementation have seen the forfeiture of properties owned by former Minsters of the past regime to the State. Many of these are reported to have and continued to face the wrath of these findings, and one among is the family of late Minister of Education, Dr. Minkailu Bah in the erstwhile Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma led APC government was slammed with a posthumous court order for a house allegedly owned by him to be confiscated and vested to the state within a 14-day period.

The Court order has left the surviving family members of the late man with consternation and are now crying for justice to be served.

Speaking to one of the late Dr. Bah’s relatives who prefers to be anonymous, he confirmed the 14 days’ notice to vacate the house as true, but was quick to argue that the said house doesn’t even belong to the late man as he did not build it, but his children and wife. He disclosed that after the death of Dr. Bah, the family asked for his benefit as a longstanding lecturer, but that to their dismay, the University told them that there was no money by then.

He said that since there was no other means of getting the late man’s benefit then, the family had to take a loan from the bank backed by the support of good friends, wife and children to complete the house.

The anonymous relative explained that after the Commission of Inquiry findings, the children appealed but to their disappointment, the authorities concerned didn’t look into their appeal.

Meanwhile, sources inside Fourah Bay, suggest Dr. Bah was the one who initiated the refurbishment of the college by writing to BADIA who eventually funded the project that gave the college quarters an appreciable facelift.

This medium learnt from sources that it has been a normal culture at Fourah Bay College that upon his death or retirement of a member of staff, a one-year notice to quit the quarters the institution allotted him is given, but the sources claimed this is not the legit thing in Dr. Minkailu Bah’s case, nothing how the late man’s family that occupied his college quarters was noticed to vacate same in six months’ time.

Information gathered is that after graduating from the University, late Dr. Minkailu Bah had a scholarship to pursue further studies in England. That, after acquiring his education, he decided to return home with his family to serve his home country. He chose to become a lecturer in the Engineering Department, a job he continued doing until his appointment in 2007 as Minister of Education Science and Technology where he served for ten uninterrupted years.

Late Dr. Minkailu Bah and family are said to have faced series of intimidation since the APC lost power in 2018, one among which concludes the searching of his house by armed police officers for alleged storing and possession of guns at home.