The All People’s Congress (APC) has blamed the Presidential Guard for attacks on Secretary General, Lansana Dumbuya, Mayor, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr and other senior members of the party.

In a press statement issued this afternoon, the party expressed their frustration over the ‘violent attacks’ on some of its officials while returning from Makeni on the 22nd February.

The main opposition said that the former Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Karrow-Kamara and former Deputy Minister of Lands, Mahmoud Tarawally were also attacked by military officers on the same day.

The APC termed the assaults as “intimidation” and affirmed their commitment to take back State House in the 24 June elections.

The party’s newly elected Secretary General, in a viral video, said that he and driver were attacked by Presidential Guards stationed at Hill Station en route to Freetown from Makeni.

Shortly after that, there was also another report that the mayor of Freetown has been harassed by security personnel and had her laptop taken from her.

The party also condemned the attack “by security forces” on their supporters at Calaba Town while welcoming their presidential candidate and supporters to Freetown.

However, there has not been an official comment from the government.