Sierra Leone’s opposition All People’s Congress (APC) has announced the passing of Hon Ferehmusu Kawusu Conteh.

The deceased person held various significant positions, including Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Deputy Youth Minister, and Deputy Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea during Ernest Bai Koroma’s presidency.

Late Hon Ferehmusu Kawusu Conteh departed this world on the 5th of October 2023, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy of service. She is survived by her mother, Haja Nemahkoro, and her siblings residing in the USA, UK, Australia, and Kabala, within the nation of Sierra Leone.

For those wishing to pay their respects, dual readings will be held on Sunday, the 15th of October 2023. One will take place at 42 Pademba Road, Freetown, and the other at 2 Father Street, Kabala town. Late Hon Ferehmusu Kawusu Conteh will find her final resting place at her husband’s house in Australia.

Sympathizers are encouraged to contact the following numbers for further information:

  • Gerald Kawusu Conteh, residing in Freetown: +23299257993
  • Contact in Kabala town, Kawusu Conteh: +23276889755