Sierra Leone main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party has revealed the results of Koinadugu District bye-elections and accused the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) of disrupting the process.

With 91% of results captured in our Tally Centre, APC leads by over 6500 votes.

The Tally process was disrupted by the SLPP today because our team was able to expose 4 attempts to tamper with and change the figures.

The Sierra Leone Police could not contain them. NEC therefore suspended the tallying until further notice.

We are also leading in the Councillor bye elections by 96 votes with 100% of results already captured in our database.

The leadership of the party is in constant touch with the Chairmen of NEC and the PPRC.

Any attempt to steal our votes by the SLPP using brute force will be resisted by the party. Meanwhile we urge our members and supporters to remain calm and obey the law.

You will be updated as and when we receive developments from the ELECTIONS MANAGEMENT BODIES (EMBs).