The National Publicity Secretary for Sierra Leone’s main opposition party All People’s Congress (APC), Sidi Yaya Tunis has denounced their party’s involvement in any planned demonstration or protest across the country.

“We did not call for a demonstration. We do not know the planners and this has nothing to do with us,” the APC Publicity Secretary said.

He stated that the strike gained momentum primarily through social media platforms, with WhatsApp serving as a primary medium for spreading the message.

He called on all their members and supporters to stay calm, safe, and law-abiding, emphasizing that their Party had nothing to do with any planned protest and knew none of its planners and executors.

The supposed protest on Monday led to the death of at least two people. One of the victims has been identified as one 50-year-old Alfred Kallon who was killed at Moyiba Community in Eastern Freetown.