It is apparent that with the election of a Flag-Bearer by the APC, the main opposition party in the country, the ruling party, SLPP, is getting sleepless nights, as they try to find Ways of convincing citizens to cast their votes for them, especially when consideration is taken about the current economic situation, which the government is unable to address that has brought untold hardship on the population.

It could be recalled that President Bio and team had, in 2018, campaigned about addressing the bread and butter issue, and have often written off as a matter of less priority, the road construction taking place in the country, courtesy of the then APC government of Ex-President Koroma. But after four and a half years in power, the Bio regime is yet to deliver on the bread and butter issue, and have eventually embraced road construction as part of their priority areas in their development trajectory.

During that campaign, the SLPP condemned the cabinet of the APC, describing it as bloated, but when in power, they have even expanded the cabinet, increased the wage bill, to the extent that most of the revenue generated by the government is going into payment of salaries. Bio criticized the past government of making many overseas trips, which should be curtailed, as kit eats into the country’s purse, but when in power, he is now the most travelled President in Africa, let alone talk of Sierra Leone.

Upon assuming power, the SLPP told the nation and the International Community that they met a broken economy, with nothing in the kitty, but despite that claim, they have been able to

embark on too many international trips in the name of rebranding the country’s image, and these have had its toll on the economy and the living conditions of citizens.

Now, as the June 24 Elections approach, coupled with the disgruntlement of citizens over the cost of living and a marked deterioration in the standard of living, there is the greater possibility of the people voting the government of Bio out in favor of the APC, and the choice of Dr. Samura Kamara, a Development Economist, who has manned the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance with positive results, during the tenure of the past governments, the chances of a Bio second term seems to be getting slimmer by the day, and this has caused sleepless nights for the ruling party.