The leadership of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), the Office of National Security (ONS), the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and the Electoral Commission Sierra LePone (EC-SL) has on Tuesday 22nd March 2022 signed a Memorandum of Understanding ahead of the Be Elections in Constituency 005 in Kailahun District and Constituency 073 in Port Loko District.

According to the signed MoU, in the bid to promote political tolerance and the peaceful conduct of the bye-election, the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), contesting Political Parties and their Candidate and relevant stakeholders subscribed that candidate shall vote and go home thereafter and no candidate shall be allowed to move around the Ward on polling day after voting.

Also, they shall individually, collectively, and actively promote tolerance and condemn any act of violence and intimidation by our supporters and members before, during, and after the polling day as well as to respect the will of the people and to accept the result of the election and further, to graciously concede defeat provided the elections are transparent, free and fair.

Furthermore, in the event of just cause to reject the result of the election, all parties shall use due process to register their complaints and shall resort to peaceful and legal means to redress our grievances.

It was further stated in the MoU that, all parties commit to restrain their supporters and members not to destroy the campaign materials of the opponent; they undertake to partake in the PPRC peace ride of all the Candidates on the cooling-off day; and that only twelve accredited representatives for each political party to be conveyed in not more than three vehicles, with not more than four persons per vehicle aside from the driver and security.

For the security sector, they shall ensure that on-lookers are 100 meters away from the polling centers; they shall enforce the ban on the display of secret society before, during, and after the election; and shall provide adequate security and create a level playing field for all political parties, candidates, and supporters.

Security personnel shall conduct themselves in a professional manner in the discharge of their duties; and the Security Sector shall restrict the movement of non-accredited high-profile politicians, non-voters, and unauthorized persons within and outside the polling centers.