The All People’s Congress APC has unveiled it’s 2022 Transitional Elections Rules of Procedures and Regulations.

The transitional Rules and Procedures is a document signed by both the interim Party Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh and the interim Secretary General, Honourable Abdul Kargbo to the Party’s Lower level and flagbearer elections .

Article one of the document says that a ward election shall be conducted in every place demarcated as a ward by the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone as Prescribed by the National Electoral Commission Commission of Sierra as Prescribed by the Public Election Act No 4 of 20212 and its to be determined by the ITGC not later ten days before the conduct of the election. It also says that member shall have been a registered and fully paid up memeber of the party for one year immediately preceding the election
The following positions will be contested at the ward level, Ward Chairman, Deputy Ward Chairman, Ward Secretary, Ward Organizing Secretary and Ward Women’s Leader among others.

Article two talks about the Constituency convention which shall be conducted in every place demarcated as a Constituency by the Electoral Commission an of Sierra Leone, with over 15 positions to be created.

The same was also done for District Convention, which says “For the purposes of the Conventions, the Diaspora shall be considered as a Region of the party and treated as such pursuant to Articles 31 (e) of the 7 March 2022 APC Constitution.”

In relation to the National Women’s Congress Conference shall hold a special conference for the election of its office Pursuant to Article 26 (e) of the 7th March 2022 APC Constitution, with 15 positions.
up for grab. National Veterans Congress perial will also be held together with the National Young Special Conference and for one to be eligible to vote under such convention, that member must be between the ages of 18 to 30s, Article nine spoke about the National Delegate Conference (NDC). It states What the “The National Delegates Conference shall be held at such a place, date and time to be determined the ITGC of the party not later than 18 days after the holding of the Lower evel Election Pasuant to Paragraphs (10)(3) of the judgment of the 28th
April 2022 of the Honorable Justice fisher.

It furthered that the National Delegates Conference (NDC) shall Joer the 12 Non Executive members of the National Advisory Committee
(NAC) of the party. The NDC shall elect also the National Coordinator and such other members of the Internal Elections Management Committee of the party.

And in the interest of fairness, “such other members of the IEMC to be elected at the NDC shall be thirty as follows And any member wishing to as follows,

one each from the 17 districts of Sierra Leone, two each from the Diaspora region of the party.

Amongst the positions to be voted at the National Delegate Conference are the National Chairman, Deputy Chairman, National Secretary e General, National Organizing Secretary amongst thirteen others.

The NDC shall elect the Party’s Flag bearer who shall become the Presidential candidate at the June 24th 2023 Presidential Elections.
And among the delegates to vote in this delegates election are 15 delegates from the National Young Congress including the leader and Secretary and 20 more delegates from NUAS, 15 from the Women Conference, 50 delegates from the Diaspora, 10 APC former MP’s, 10 former Councilors and five from persons living with disability.

And any member wishing to contest for any position, shall pay a non refundable fee, for Flag bearer it is Le 500 million, National Chairman Le 100 million, Deputy Chairman and Secretary is Le 50 million.