The Vice-Chairman of the All People’s Congress in the United Kingdom Sheku Abess Kamara is dead.

He died in London yesterday July 8, 2021.

This is what APC National Secretary General Osman Foday Yansaneh said regarding his death:

“Comrades, today Thursday 8th July, 2021, we are once again deeply saddened and in mourning by news of the death of another vibrant APC diaspora giant, comrade Abess Kamara , vice chairman 1 APC UK/I Branch . Comrade Abess Kamara was an illustrious legal luminary and active member of the APC UK/I Branch who played a pivotal role in its evolution, growth, and consolidation.

“Comrade Abess will be remembered for his dynamism, likability, philanthropy, and human touch. He was always willing to listen and give help as needed.

“On behalf of the chairman and leader and the entire leadership of the APC party I wish to express heartfelt condolences to his family in the UK and in Sierra Leone, the UK/I branch and the entire APC diaspora for this irreparable loss.

“I will end by consoling the bereaved family and all of us with these words:

“Death is like the ending of a journey; one that each one of us must take. Some of us will leave early; some of us will leave late; but its ending is bittersweet.

“We should be glad to take it when called by our maker; that voyage of discovery to a new and better place called Jannah because when that journey is over, we meet god face to face.

“Goodbye Abess. May Allah, grant you rest eternal.”

We send our condolence to the bereaved family.