Lawrence Teteh Kargbo of the All People’s Congress (APC) party has emerged as the winner of Local Council Bye-Election Chairperson in Ward 155 in Koinadugu District.

The bye-election was held on Saturday 2nd October, 2021 in Ward 155, Koinadugu District for Alhaji Sheku Koroma representing the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and Lawrence Teteh Kargbo representing the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party. It was conducted by Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (EC-SL) and observed by National Election Watch (NEW) and the Election Conflict and Media Group.

Lawrence Teteh Kargbo defeated Alhaji Sheku Koroma with a landslide victory of 61% with 20,435 votes while Alhaji Sheku secured 39% with 13,061 votes.

The District has been without District Council Chairman for three months, following the death of Alex Sorie Conteh in July who occupied the seat since 2018 under the main opposition All People’s Congress party.

It was reported that polling in all 300 Polling Stations in Koinadugu District, which included 15 Polling Stations in Ward 155 started at 7:00 AM on Saturday 2nd October, 2021 and both elections went on in a relatively peaceful manner.

The announcement of the final and certified election results for the District Chairperson and Ward 155 bye-elections was made today, Sunday 3rd October, 2021 at EC-SL Headquarters in Tower Hill, Freetown by EC-SL which emerged Lawrence Teteh Kargbo of APC as the Chairman of Koinadugu District.