Mohamed Sheshu Sheriff, the Executive Secretary of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Sierra Leone Office, recently completed a pivotal familiarization tour in the Northern and Northwestern regions of Sierra Leone from November 14 to 17, 2023.

This tour was designed to fortify APRM activities and spotlight the Unconstitutional Changes of Government (UCG) project, a critical thematic area within the APRM framework aiming to prevent illegal shifts in constitutional governance across Africa.

During the tour, Sheriff engaged extensively with key stakeholders. Meetings convened with APRM regional and district coordinators, district and city council leaders like Mayor Ali Badara Tarrawally of Port Loko District and Sheku Tejan Saccoh, Chairperson of the Port Loko District Council. Alongside discussions with media representatives and government officials such as Deputy Provincial Secretary Alkali Kamara, Sheriff highlighted the significance of APRM initiatives in advancing governance and development within the nation while emphasizing the importance of the UCG project.

The response from stakeholders was resoundingly positive, with expressions of support and collaboration toward APRM objectives. Notably, district and city council leaders urged the formulation of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to actively promote APRM activities in their respective domains, signifying a crucial step in strengthening grassroots involvement in APRM initiatives.

Conclusions drawn from the tour emphasized the necessity of consistent communication, enhanced engagement with key stakeholders, provision of ample information to media representatives, and the ongoing monitoring of APRM impacts and outcomes. These recommendations underscore the critical importance of nurturing grassroots support and a comprehensive approach to governance and development in Sierra Leone.

This successful familiarization tour not only met its primary objectives of engaging with key APRM figures and advocating for its activities but also garnered substantial backing from stakeholders. Sheriff’s leadership demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the APRM’s mission, while the insights gained from this tour will significantly guide the national office in achieving its goals.

The tour’s accomplishments serve as a promising indicator of strengthened governance efforts and a fortified stance against unconstitutional changes of government within Sierra Leone.