The African Peer Review Mechanism APRM National Secretariat has initiated a comprehensive tour aimed at revitalizing the APRM District/Regional Committees.

This strategic move underscores the organization’s steadfast commitment to fostering greater collaboration, coordination, and synergy among committee members in fulfilling their crucial mandate.

The tour, scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 7th May 2024, will see the APRM National Secretariat engaging with District Committee chairpersons across various regions. Each meeting will take place in the regional headquarter towns, with the following outlined dates:

  • Eastern Region: Kenema City – Tuesday, 7th May 2024
  • Southern Region: Bo City – Wednesday, 8th May 2024
  • North-East Region: Makeni City – Thursday, 9th May 2024
  • North-West Region: Portloko City – Friday, 10th May 2024

The primary objective of these gatherings is to facilitate dialogue, exchange ideas, and strategize on ways to enhance the effectiveness of APRM initiatives at the grassroots level. Chairpersons are urged to come prepared with hard copies of detailed lists of their respective committee members, ensuring comprehensive representation and participation.

The APRM extends a cordial invitation to all District Committee chairpersons to actively engage in these pivotal discussions, contributing their insights and expertise towards advancing the APRM’s overarching goals of promoting good governance, socio-economic development, and sustainable peace.