President Bio has on Wednesday 26th April, 2023 officially launched the Arise Integrated Industrial Platform (ARISE IIP) which is set for a total development of Koyo industrial zone.

ARISE IIP is set to pump in $1.2bn to establish an industrial zone in Sierra Leone as part of the Pepel Port and Pepel-Tonkolili Railway development and expansion agreement at Mile 36.

In his statement, the President welcomed all present at the ceremony as well as expressing his gratitude to the platform. He thanked all who made the investment a reality for believing his vision in human resource development, adding that, in the SLPP manifesto in 2018 they pledged to increase the manufacturing sectors share from less than 2 percent to at least 5 percent in five years. He disclosed that his administration has exceeded the 5 percent target that was set. President Bio gave an overview of his government’s effort to support infrastructures and accommodate the need for a sustainable development at all times. (

“Be assured that my government will continue to ply its part in supporting you”. He said