Following Satellite Newspaper’ frontpage story captioned “Ex-President Koroma Cries Over Split Milt” published 8th February 2022, the public has reacted through various contacts with our editorial team to further give credence to the story.

Those who reacted to the story say the real problem of President Koroma is that he now sees an APC party that has lost public support owing to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry presided by Hon. Justice Biobele that discredited the APC party in public view and is now bent on telling old stories such as the 2018 national elections which both local and international observers endorsed as free, fair, and credible.

Most callers opined that the APC, unlike the SLPP, is a party that has perfected itself in making fast money through corruption as compared to President Bio’s rigid stance on corruption. They expressed fear that another APC come back in governance will rapture the Free Quality School Education (FQSE) which is the flagship programme of the Bio administration and has gained massive funding from development partners, institutions, and individuals.

Most subscribers say the fear of being a corrupt civil or public servant is more evident among Sierra Leoneans during the SLPP rule then the APC which was grounded by unparallel laxity.

According to The Satellite Newspaper, some school of thought that equally contributed to the support opined that more transparency, modifications, and amendments have been made to our laws and new ones introduced to match with dignified democratic norms acknowledged by international standards.

The call to raise public awareness on the 2018 national elections, they say, is complete political immaturity, noting that the APC has ruled for more decades as compared to the SLPP and its elections were always marred by violence, thuggery, and deception.