Popular journalist and station manager for radio Democracy, Madam Asmaa James has pardoned rapper Alhaji Amadu Bah commonly known as Boss La after insulting her on social media.

Boss La was arrested on Thursday 16th December, 2021 and detained at the Imatt police post. He was later transferred at Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for questioning. The rapper spent 5 days in detention at CID without food and access to his family.

His arrest came after insulting Madam Asmaa James on his Facebook live on 12th December, 2021 for airing the news of his bench warrant issued by the Court of Sierra Leone on her radio station without getting his own side of the story.

Many Sierra Leoneans condemned the action of the rapper and demanded an apology from him. In less than 24 hours, Boss La tendered a written apology on his Facebook page which later followed by a video. His fans and other people joined him and continued apologizing to Madam Asmaa James.

As many institutions and individuals stood behind her, Madam Asmaa James took Facebook and informed the public that, she will take legal action against the rapper for using derogatory language against her for doing her job. With anger, her son, Mohamed Harass Barrie went on social media and abused Boss La’s mother. Sierra Leoneans called on the police to arrest the lad boy as they did to Boss La. After the Court has adjourned the matter to 28th December 2021, Madam Asmaa James and her family have pardoned the rapper.