Sierra Leonean award-winning broadcast journalist, Asmaa James and Miss Sierra Leone 2011, Natasha Beckley have awarded scholarship to aspiring Housemate contestant, Monica Admire Dumbuya.

Monica took part in the audition of Housemates Salone season 3 where she displayed a village setting and described herself as a village girl as she came from Karene district to participate in the auditions.

The village girl was asked why she wants to participate in the Housemates Salone. She responded that she wants to be talking to young people for empowerment “I want to be that kind of person that will talk to young people for empowerment”. She added that, she wants to empower her platform she has started in the village to continue talking to young people.

Natasha Beckley asked Monica the year that she sat to her WASSCE exams. “I sat to my WASSCE exams in 2020” she answered. She promised to continue her education if she wins the Le 250,000,000 cash prize.

Based on the expression of Monica, Madam Asmaa James felt amazed and stepped in to pay for the contestant if she wants to take her exams again. “I like your tenacity. For the fact that you came from Karene and we need people that are coming from those places that will help develop the girls. Whether you make it to the House, if you want to take your exams again, I will pay for you” she spoke.

Natasha Beckley joined Asmaa James to pay fees for Monica. She said she came from Port Loko and the contestant is her neighbour. she concluded by instructing her to leave her number while leaving the hall.