After spending twenty-two years at Radio Democracy as Station Manager and retiring at the end of September, Asmaa James welcomes a new journey at Rise Radio.

Rise Radio is a media and broadcasting house based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and established in 2022. It has a frequency of 96.3 FM.

James’ message on the 3rd August 2023 about her leaving Radio Democracy was very touching and it raised a lot of comments from people when other staff at the Station followed her footsteps.

She shared “There is a time and a season for everything under the Sun.  Twenty-two (22) years it has been… years of learning & growth. By the end of September 2023, I will end my journey at Radio Democracy 98.1FM  to face a season of new adventures, challenges and wins!” and today she has shared on her Twitter account a new adventure at Rise Radio saying,”Dare to #Dream

To all of you who listened to my dreams and interpreted them, to all who gave me words of encouragement, to all who believed in me and supported this dream to become a reality, I say “Thank You.”

Ambrose James🥲🙏🙏


This message was sent on her social media pages with a picture of her in Rise Radio Studio doing what we all know her to do, killing it in the studio.