Popular Sierra Leone Artiste, Atical Foyoh has decided to call an end to the long standing dispute he was having with Morris D Wonder Wonder Boy.

After a long standing Social Media battle between, Morris D Wonderboy and Atical Foyoh, Foyoh called the dispute to an end by posting on his Facebook page  by recalling the good days between them.

As I was scrolling through my phone this morning, I saw a picture  of Morris D Wonder Boy on  stage supporting  me during my last event at the  Atouga mini Stadium’‘.  He described  the singer as being desperate and willing to support him during the said performance.

He further described Morris the Wonder Boy as his little brother and has been supportive of his activities since Day1. However, Foyoh confessed that he actually did not know what came over him for people to  now perceived them as enemies”

Foyoh is confident that Morris was instigated by his Foes to  bring disrespect to him for reasons best known to them.

Foyoh concluded by extending Olive Branch to Morris, his brother.  He emphasized the need to  keep the peace, make more money, and bury the hatchet between them.

Foyoh assured the public that something great will come from the two of them this 2022. The previous row between the two artist was an open secret. Morris and  Foyoh were displaying photos of each other ridiculing themselves .