The Sierra Leone government, through the Ministry of Information and Civic Education and in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Police, has released a verified list of 29 individuals wanted in connection with the failed coup attempt that occurred on November 26th in Freetown.

The authorities are urging citizens to come forward with any information they may have regarding the whereabouts of these suspects.

Individuals can contact the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters at Pademba Road in Freetown, their nearest police station, or call 900 or 119 to provide their information.

A substantial reward will be offered to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of these suspects.

“We are appealing to the public for their cooperation in apprehending these individuals who have threatened our democracy and stability,” stated a spokesperson for the Sierra Leone Police. “Any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could be crucial in bringing these perpetrators to justice.”

The release of the wanted list marks a significant step in the government’s efforts to hold those responsible for the coup attempt accountable. The authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of the nation.