Attorney General’s Office Discloses Auditor General Offences

The office of the Attorney General has laid the controversy to rest regarding the indefinite suspension of until recently the Auditor General Lara Taylor Pearce.

Deputy Minister of Justice Umaru Napoleon Koroma in a letter dated 8th November and addressed to the Chief Justice stated that series of allegations in the form of complaints have been lodged to the President about the conduct of the Auditor General Mrs. Larry Taylor Pearce and her Deputy Tamba Momoh. The complaints border on professional misconduct.

The letter provides that constitutional basis for the indefinite suspension citing section 9 of section 119 of the 1991 constitution.

It adds that the removal of the Auditor General from office must be based on precedent, “representation by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission to president pursuant to subsection (5) of section 137 of the constitution.

The notice of the indefinite suspension of the Auditor General also stated that the she and her deputy are going to face tribunal to be convened by the Attorney General

Parliament had in recent past provided an opinion on the matter that the Auditor General is not beyond reproach to be independently audited.

A-Z Newspaper reported that, the embattled Auditor General had submitted to pressure from the government in retiring audit fees to the Single Treasury Account.

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A social media Facebook post has suggested that Mrs. Lara Taylor Pearce doctored the audit report of City Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer to let her off the hook. This is not a verifiable claim until otherwise uncovered by the proposed tribunal.


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