They allegation is that very heavy bribe, which up to press time has not been confirmed crossed hands that culminated to the release under the Presidential Pardon of professional killers that have been found guilty of murder offences and sentenced to death by hanging.

This year’s Presidential Pardon completely misses the point and thrown outside the requirement and parameters of those that should be beneficiary of the President’s magnanimity. The requirement was abused to serve those that have committed hideous crime, which is beyond the imagination of same minds.

The definition of murderer according to Archibald’s Book of Criminal cases 34th edition is the unlawful killing of any reasonable being under the King’s peace without any lawful authority and that the person who kills must not be a lunatic or insane and must show a sound conscience of what he/she has done.

Some of those that were granted Presidential Pardon have been tried by competent courts in the country’s jurisdiction and by their peers, demonstrated sanity and full conscience of what was done. Legal conclusion reached that they killed without been authorized and without any lawful and valid reason.

The Courts have imposed penalties on them for the act of killing their fellow human beings. Unfortunately, those that have committed this hideous crime and penalized have received Presidential Pardon recently, which have left relatives and many Sierra Leoneans in a state of shock and disappointment, as they least expected murderers to be granted Presidential Pardon.

The list according to sources close to the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice was prepared by the office with the involvement of the Office of the Solicitor General and the exclusion of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), the later was never consulted, involved or informed and no list was showed to his office for either his perusal or input. Sources have further intimated this medium that the Office of the Vice President was also not fully involved, reasons not known.

State House sources have revealed that the list of those that benefited from the Presidential Pardon was jointly prepared by the Correctional Center, the Office of the Attorney General and now news about the involvement of the Office of the Solicitor General left many in dilemma.

President Bio, State House sources say had no knowledge how names of murderers that have been found guilty by competent courts were included on the list and granted his pardon. “President Bio was deceived” State House sources revealed.

Standard Times Newspaper reports that, when news reached the President that those he granted his pardon were murderers that have been proven guilty by the Courts he was reportedly downcast and disappointed and immediately summoned an emergency meeting that involved the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Solicitor General and some other officials of the Law Officers Department.

The President expressed his disappointment and informed them that the decision has to be revisited; as he cannot grant Presidential Pardon to murderers that the courts have found guilty.