Sierra Leone’s Minister of Justice and Attorney general of the Federation, Comrade Field Marshall Frank Kargbo has replied a recent letter open letter from Barrister Charles Margai.

Below is the reply. READ!

Dear Margai


I acknowledge receipt of your letters of the 7th and 11th August 2015 relative the captioned subject. Let me also express my delight at your belated appreciation of the constitutional purport and intent of the Office of Attorney -General and Minister of Justice, to wit:

“principal legal adviser to the Government”. I am not, therefore, adviser to private individuals or leaders of shell entities of doubtful existence and purpose.

As regards your letter of the 7th August 2015, I hope you are able to recall our (Margai/Kargbo), telephone conversation on or about that date.

I also hope that you are able to remember that I referred you to the Government Bookshop where you can easily purchase a copy of the Proclamation dated 6th August (P.N.1) 2015.

Certainly, even a cursory perusal of the same would have informed, even a non-lawyer, of the law on which the proclamation was premised.

I note the intemperate and “beneath-contempt” language in your letter of the 11th August 2015. But for my previous knowledge of you (and I sincerely hope that things have remained the same) I would certainly have ascribed the contents to a person with a profoundly disturbed mind.

However, I also note, and put it squarely to your continued sad and unsuccessful quest for relevance in the national political discourse.

Consequently, I will not dignify your said letter with a reply, your serious and unfortunate misunderstanding/misinterpretation of law under reference notwithstanding.

Yours Faithfully
Franklyn Bai Kargbo
Attorney General & Minister of Justice
Cc: Secretary-General S.L.P.P.