In a recent parliamentary hearing, significant discrepancies in financial management practices were unveiled, following the release of the Auditor General’s Report.

The report highlighted that several Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) had collectively spent thirty-three million, four thousand, seven hundred and thirty Leones and seventy-six cents (33,004,730.76) without proper supporting documents, such as vouchers and receipts.

The Ministries of Energy, Defence, and Health and Sanitation were among those identified in the report. This lack of documentation has raised serious concerns about accountability and adherence to the financial regulations stipulated in the Public Financial Management Act of 2016.

Deputy Speaker Ibrahim Tawa Conteh expressed deep concern over the findings, emphasizing the challenges posed by the absence of supporting documents. “Without the original records and documentation, the purpose for which the expenditure was incurred could not be ascertained,” he stated, underscoring the critical need for transparency in the handling of public funds.

The report’s findings have prompted a call for stricter oversight and enforcement of financial management practices within government entities.

Parliament plans to take concrete steps to hold MDAs accountable for their financial practices, ensuring compliance with established transparency standards. Deputy Speaker Conteh stressed the importance of maintaining proper records to validate expenditures and prevent the misallocation of funds in future audits.