The Audit Service Sierra Leone 2024 Performance Audit Report has revealed that the Freetown City Council (FCC) engaged in financial anomalies.”

The audit report disclosed that MUVA hall located at Circular Road which was allegedly rented for Youth Workshops is a private residence and workshop cannot be organized there.

The report also states that transportation refunds of NLe 500 were allegedly given to participants, but when the list was verified by the auditors, the names in the list shows that they did not attend any workshop and no monies were given to them.

The Audit have recommended that the money for the hall rental and transport allowances be refunded but FCC says the amount should not be refunded and they would adopt better controls.

The 2019 Audit Report stated that the FCC also reportedly made payments totaling over Two Hundred Million for traveling expenses for the Head of Mayor Delivery Unit (MDU), who is not an employee of the FCC.

The Report further claimed that the said amounts paid were not budgeted for by the Council nor did they receive appropriate approval.