United States based Sierra Leonean comedian, actor and artist, Ibrahim Kamara popularly known as Sara D Great has on video expressed his disappointment over Paopa New Direction government in Sierra Leone.

According to the celebrity, he alleged that it is in one of the hidden agendas of the SLPP government to arrest major heads of the APC party to create panic in a way that the election can be extended for another year.

“Paopa government does not like and want peace, they are looking for a way to rig the election process inorder to buy more time in power…” Sara D Great disclosed. He affirmed that this election will hold and nothing will stop it.

Further explaining his astonishment to this year’s WASSCE results, Sara D Great considered these results as part of the agenda of the Paopa government to win the hearts of parents and students. In his mind’s eye, he considered many who has had requirements into the University does not deserve it.

With the explicit data collected and presented by the Minister of Basic And Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), David Moinina Sengeh on the performance of students in the 2022 WASSCE results, Sara D Great has alleged that it is just one of the cards in the SLPP card game.

Speaking of the effects this could bring to the student when she/he enrolls to the University without being fully qualified, Sara asked if this could really help them in the University without causing more harm to the unqualified students who doesn’t deserve to have passed but eventually did for other reasons.

If I can draw your attention on few controversies over the past August 10 protest, there were gossip and allegations of several opposition politicians alleged to have contributed in one way or the order to have boosted the protest. In this regard, as Sara alleged, further investigations are in the way to dig in more on the issue.

Bringing us back to the hidden plans of the Paopa government, Sara confirmed that they are waiting for the arrest and allegations set aside to trap APC politicians ahead of the election.

Sara conclusively urged every Sierra Leonean who wishes to make a change in this current situation the country is facing to ‘GO REGISTER ‘ and await for the right time to finally change what needs to be changed.