Bai Kamara, a survivor of the tumultuous events of the Sierra Leone insurrection on August 10th, 2022, is presently fighting for his life in critical condition. Urgent medical attention abroad has been recommended according to a recent medical report.

The devastating incident of August 10th, 2022 unfolded as Sierra Leoneans across several regions, including the North, North West, and East end of Freetown, protested against the high cost of living during President Bio’s initial term in office. The intervention of security forces to restore order led to a tragic loss of lives on both sides, including security personnel and civilians. The turmoil resulted in severe injuries, widespread vandalization of institutions, and extensive property damage.

Bai Kamara recounts his fateful encounter with the insurrection, during which he sustained life-altering injuries. Having relocated to the capital city of Freetown after completing his West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) at Alhadi Islamic Senior Secondary School in Makeni, he found himself an unintended victim. “After my 2022 WASSCE, I went to Freetown for a factory job, and due to the situation in the country on that ill-fated day of August 10th, I was on my way home when a stray bullet struck my hand and eventually penetrated my spine,” he detailed during an interview with journalist Ishmail Stanley Bangura.

Kamara reveals his struggle for medical attention within Sierra Leone’s healthcare system, which was compounded by inadequate resources. He spent two months at Connaught Hospital in Freetown but received suboptimal treatment due to financial constraints.

Tragically, the passing of his father has exacerbated Kamara’s plight, as he lacks the financial support necessary for his medical needs. “Back in Makeni with my father gone, my family unable to assist, and my grandmother without means to contribute to my treatment, I am left in a dire situation. As we speak, the bullet remains lodged within my body, and the medical report unequivocally states that I require treatment abroad,” Kamara pleaded.

Seeking a lifeline, Kamara implores for assistance from a wide spectrum of potential benefactors, including the government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and philanthropists. His plea is grounded in the dire need to be flown abroad for specialized medical intervention.

For those wishing to extend support to Bai Kamara’s urgent medical needs, the “Save Bai Kamara” project has been established. Donations and assistance can be directed to the project through the following contact information:

Save Bai Kamara Project
Call: 23280773388
WhatsApp: +23276174191

The plea for assistance reverberates as Kamara’s survival hangs in the balance, a stark reminder of the human toll that the events of August 10th, 2022, continue to exact upon the lives of Sierra Leoneans.