Following violent Protests that took place in various parts of the country August 10th, 2022, the Minister of Internal Affairs, has confirmed to newsmen that, the Sierra Leone Police arrested 24 Juveniles, including 18 boys and 6 girls and that parents should come forward to identify their children for reunification

The internal Affairs Minister informed newsman about the latest development in regards to the arrest of the children during an emergency press briefing held yesterday, August 16th, at the Conference room of the Police Headquarters on George Street in Freetown.

He said all arrests were made on the violent Protest in the West-end of Freetown and in the North and North-east of all country. He assured that all arrested were in safe custody of the family Support Unit(FSU) of the Sierra Leone Police and the Social Welfare Ministry

” We want to notify the nation about the arrest of the children and to further explore ways of identifying their parents or guardians in order to assure them that children are in the safe custody of the FSU and to work out a mechanism of re-uniting them with their families. Our Government acknowledges and respects the fundamental rights of persons particularly children. I want to assure all that the rights of the children have been guaranteed. ” Minister Noah stated