As all attention is centered on August 8 which is rumored to be the date of a planned Demonstration instigated by unknown people in the diaspora, the US Embassy in Freetown has reacted to the ranting on social media about the rumored demonstration planned for Monday 8 August

Reacting to the rumored Demonstration The US Embassy in Sierra Leone has cautioned Sierra Leoneans, The US Embassy on their website stated;

” There is much chatter around town and on social media concerning Monday, August 8, and potential protests/demonstrations/strikes”.

“Due to this, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is deploying additional forces to strategic locations throughout Freetown on Monday”.

“There have been no official demonstration requests submitted to the SLP and no specific locations have been identified for possible demonstrations”.

“If you observe a crowd gathering or find yourself near one, the safest course of action is to depart the area and find a safe location”

As many awaits, Monday, August 8, The Sierra Leone Police who are charged with the responsibility to protect lives and properties have confirmed that they have not received any letter of permit to stage a demonstration from any organization or individual.

ACP Brima Kamara, the police media boss said they are paying no credence to such an untrue statement. He said the police are in readiness for any uproar which is part of their daily duties.
ACP Kamara urged all Sierra Leoneans not to countenance such plans and went on to assure all and sundry that everything is under control.

‘It should be noted that citizens have the right to stage demonstrations if they feel aggrieved or dissatisfied with a certain regime, but it is also the norm that the police should give clearance to the individual (s) or organization that wishes to take such ventures. Therefore, if there is no clearance from the Sierra Leone Police there would be no demonstration and all are urged to go about their normal daily activities” he stated