The Sierra Leone Port Authority (SLPA) has resolved the matter on the increment of operation tariff by the Freetown Terminal Limited (FTL), which tends to adversely impact the business community and the people of Sierra Leone.

This was informed in a press release by the SLPA, dated 9th March 2023.

The Management of Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) stated that their attention was drawn to information on the increment of 36% on Operations Tariffs by Freetown Terminal Limited (FTL) which they immediately engaged the Management of Freetown Terminal Limited and urged them to revert to their existing tariffs because an increment is not prudent at this material time, considering the current global economic challenges.

The management informed that following the engagement, the  FTL has reverted to its old operations tariffs, adding that all those who have made payments in the new operations tariffs should present their invoices to FTL for reimbursement.

The SLPA also noted that increment on all operations tariffs at the Port is hereby suspended until further notice.

The Management of Sierra Leone Ports Authority concluded by assuring the public that it will continue collaborating with all the concessionaires and port operators in actualizing the Government’s agenda to enhance the ease of doing business at the port.