Sierra Leone’s Minister of Transportation and Aviation, Fanday Turay ESQ, along with his team has engaged in a productive meeting with the Mayor of Freetown City Council (FCC), Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr. The discussions encompassed a diverse array of topics crucial to the future development of Sierra Leone.

A focal point of the dialogue was the much-anticipated IRUMP (Integrated Rapid Urban Mobility Project) public transport initiative. Minister Turay expressed optimism about the project’s potential to enhance transportation efficiency and accessibility for the people of Sierra Leone. The parties involved demonstrated a shared commitment to advancing this project for the collective benefit of the nation.

The conversation also delved into the Central Business District (CBD) regeneration efforts, aiming to revitalize and enhance the economic vibrancy of Freetown. Both the transportation minister and the FCC Mayor acknowledged the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering sustainable urban development.

Another noteworthy topic on the agenda was the ambitious cable car project, which has captured public interest. Minister Turay highlighted the positive impact such innovative infrastructure could have on the city’s connectivity and overall development.

In a post-meeting statement, Minister Fanday Turay affirmed the commitment to ongoing and fruitful discussions. He emphasized that these deliberations are not limited to the discussed areas alone but extend to various facets of collaboration. The overarching goal is to work together for the betterment of the people of Sierra Leone, fostering progress and prosperity. The outcomes of this meeting mark a promising step forward in shaping the future landscape of transportation and urban development in the region.