The just concluded AWOL designer of the year, who doubles as Ambassador of Africa Young Voices Entertainment (AYV) Empire, Tommy Bangura, aka Drip pa Drip King Tommy on a TikTok video was spotted trolling Musa Tombo’s Libya saga.

Musa Tombo saga started few days after his arrival in Libya,ย  the player requested his return back home after his undisclosed transfer fee had been sealed. According to the player, he alleged to have heard gun shots the following day after his arrival. Due to this, the player considered the environment being unsafe for him and requested to be returned home.

There has been news and dramas since the situation happened few days ago. These range from the allegations levied on the wife, Hawa Tombo to Al-lttihad SC offer if half a million dollars ($500,000) to release Musa.

As the fashion and drama king, King Tommy has taken the saga into a whole other level. In the video trolling Musa, King Tommy alleged reasons why Musa resisted on returning to Sierra Leone.

According to King Tommy, Musa Tombo is having the fear that Hawa will do something stupid on his behalf. He added that Musa Tombo is a proud Sierra Leonean that loves his indigenous products, such as Cassava leaves, Bulgur etc among others which might not be in Libya.

Libya is an Islamic state that forbids adultery and fornication. King Tommy also alleged that, Musa must have missed his wife so much that he requested to be taken home. Hawa is very beautiful endowed with Bo attributes of a good women with a massive endowment from the behind. This King Tommy alleged might have been the reason among others for Musa’s misbehaviour in Libya.

Could these the reasons to that? We are yet to find out but just hope this is just part of the entertainment and nothing to be taken for granted.