We are aware that a misguided and unscrupulous group purporting to be AYV continues to alter and manipulate the content of AYV Newspaper Front Page, and distributes fake news through social media platforms.

AYV wishes to clarify that our publication for Tuesday, October 4, 2022 has no story about a driver seeking asylum in the USA. This is fake!

Our newspaper front page stories for Tuesday, 4th October include:

1)President Bio Commits to Reliable, Affordable Energy for Sierra Leone.

2)Freetown Wins $1M Global Mayors Challenge Prize.

3)NGC Holds Regional Elections This Week.

4)EC-SL Extends Voter Registration Deadline.

AYV Media Empire will continue to investigate any such mis-use of its name and media platforms,
and we encourage our audiences across the world to always cross-check and verify our news via our various social media platforms.