On Thursday 4th August 2022, members of parliament approved the new Inspector General of Police (IGP), William Fayia Sellu and seven other nominees being presented by the appointment and Public Service Committee after their appointments were made by President Maada Bio.

Hon Mohamed Bangura, representing constituency 056 Karene District, in his contribution advised the new Inspector General of Police not to copy the diabolical actions of the previous IGP, “The civil liberty of the people is paramount,” he said, adding that the former IGP did not go in line with the police motto of “a force for good.” He alleged that Sovula undermined the activities of the police; and was a mismatch to what the people of this country were expecting; he displayed lot of unprofessionalism and harassment, especially to the main opposition party officials.

He continued that intimidations, segregation and violations of human rights took the center stage then. There have been in stances of police marginalizing members of the main opposition party by denying them a free political space to function well; he said they were deprived of their freedom Of movement, assembly and other key human rights they are entitled to.

Sovula was present in the Well and his furiousness overtook him and he had wanted to leave but the House Leader came to his intervention and cautioned colleague MPs to  restraint, but to no effect, as the accusations continued.

Speaker of the House, Dr Abass Bundu, rejoined that in presenting the bad sides of the former IGP, the good sides should also be mentioned. He cautioned Hon Mohamed Bangura and others to let sleeping dogs lie.

Speaker Bundu advised the new IGP, William Fayia Sellu, to look into the conditions of service police men and women address them, especially their welfare, supply of uniforms, rice and other gears on a timely basis, and that for the hardworking and good officers to be recognized with promotions,.

He ended by calling on the new IGP to be a servant of the nation, a police institution a mismatch that protects lives and properties of its citizens and not just few members of the public

lIn his submission, the honourable paramount chief Bai Kurr Kanagbaroo Sanka III, said peace and development are the custodians of development. He added that the police and the military need to do their best to ensure stability and development of the state. He called on the new Inspector General of Police and other appointees to serve in the interest of the state.

Making his address to the new IGP, the deputy speaker of parliament, honourable Solomon Segepoh Thomas, cautioned the new IGP to do the needful and noted that the l new IGP should not be carried away with the popularity, as he said “any Inspector General the Police that is popular among the people is anot working.”

Meanwhile, among the other appointees that the president were approved Mr Ahmed Amadu Turay, to serve as director general of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS), Mr Amara Sheikh Sowa, Culture deputy, permanent representative (Political Affairs) to the United Nations, New York. Mr Sorie Fofana, chairman board of directors National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA); Mr Morris Sallieu Conteh, member Board of Trustees, National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT); Dr Joseph  Sherman Kamara, member Board of Trust Sierra Leone Students Loan Scheme Fund; Mr Musa Kargbo, member Board of directors, Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) and Colonel Sahr David Ngaujah, Deputy director general, Sierra Leone Correctional Service.

Addressing the new appointees, the speaker of parliament, honourable Dr Abass Chernoh Bundu, congratulated them, and told them that their humility, honesty and professionalism should be credible; and they are expected to demonstrate the best of performance when it comes to professionalism.