Minister of Information and Civic Education (MoICE), Chernor Bah, has taken decisive action by appointing an Interim Oversight Team to steer the ship at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). This move comes in the wake of recommendations from the Anti-Corruption Commission following thorough investigations into SLBC’s operations.

At a Town Hall meeting held on Tuesday, 13th February 2024, Minister Chernor Bah addressed SLBC’s staff at their old studio complex in New England. He expressed gratitude for their cooperation during the investigation period and urged them to prioritize the nation’s interests above personal agendas. Minister Bah reiterated President Julius Maada Bio’s vision to modernize SLBC into a premier national broadcaster and pledged his commitment to realizing this vision alongside the staff.

The Interim Oversight Team, led by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Joe Nyuma, will oversee SLBC’s operations until the parliamentary confirmation of the newly appointed Director General, Ms. Josephine Kamara. Minister Bah assured the staff that the government is actively seeking nominations for a new Board of Directors in accordance with the SLBC Act, ensuring proper governance and accountability.

During the open exchange period, SLBC staff commended Minister Bah and his team for conducting a fair and thorough review process. They welcomed the appointment of the Interim Oversight Team and pledged their full support to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming Director General.

This move marks a significant step towards transparency and accountability within SLBC and reflects the government’s commitment to upholding integrity and professionalism in public institutions. As Sierra Leone continues its journey towards development and progress, initiatives like these are crucial in fostering trust and confidence among citizens and stakeholders alike. With the collective efforts of the government, SLBC staff, and the newly appointed leadership, the future looks promising for SLBC as it endeavors to fulfill its mandate as a beacon of information and entertainment for the nation.