Digital media interface with voters and development partners is of real essence towards the socio-political environment in the 21st Century.

It is against this backdrop that the commander in chief of the youths in the All People’s Congress party Hon. Bai Mahmoud Bangura was in attendance in the official launch of the party’s mouthpiece website.

The progressive growth in the media management and administration of We Yone Newspaper is excellent across the board.

In his words, the soon to be National Organising Secretary of the APC media made it abundantly clear that, the publicity component of the party will be strengthened ever than before, because all the social media feeds will be adequately and swiftly utilized in order to produce the result that the party needs now and beyond 2023 general elections.

Furthermore, he asserted clearly that, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. will form part of the media engagement tools.

Public Review reported that, the membership of the party at home and abroad must constant in using these platforms to get themselves abreast with all happenings around the corridors of our internal and external politics. He thanked the leadership of the party for creating the enabling environment for this sequential improvement.

The entire We Yone team and All Social Media Groups of the party has been doing fantastically well more so in this trying moment of our democracy in Sierra Leone. he implores them to continue their work, as history will definitely do the needful.

These are all clear indications to show that he is more than ready to reserve and promptly deliver as the National Organising Secretary (NOS) of the APC and the grassroots will support him to succeed.