In a press conference held on August 15, 2023, Minister Mohamed Orman Bangura revealed the government’s strategic vision to empower the youth of Sierra Leone through the creation of sustainable green jobs.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of entrepreneurship and agriculture in shaping the country’s future, Minister Bangura highlighted the government’s commitment to fostering innovation among the younger generation.

During the weekly government dialogue with the press, Minister Bangura underscored the significance of equipping young people with skills beyond traditional education.

He outlined a diverse range of opportunities accessible to youth, leveraging the internet and e-commerce platforms to facilitate online businesses and harness the potential of social media.

Among the initiatives, the Minister spotlighted the burgeoning field of aquaculture, particularly fish farming, as a prime example of youth-focused projects.

He commended the youth involvement in the fishery project, noting the impressive outcome of distributing 70 boats to young entrepreneurs. This endeavor not only demonstrated a remarkable success but also led to the accumulation of over Le. 4 billion in a dedicated account for the project’s loan scheme.

Minister Bangura also commended the achievements of the Car Wash project and Youth Connect hubs, which have effectively engaged and empowered the nation’s youth.

Addressing the hurdles of financing and collateral that often deter young entrepreneurs, the Minister outlined the government’s proactive steps.

Notably, over 2 million US Dollars have been disbursed to deserving young entrepreneurs, a transparent and accountable process based on the merit of their business ideas. This departure from conventional practices emphasizes a commitment to fostering a thriving business environment and nurturing innovative minds in Sierra Leone.