The Leader of Government Business, Honourable Mathew Sarah Nyuma, on Monday 18th July 2022 assured the House of Parliament that there’s enough money in the Bank as opposed to the claims of shortage.

He gave this assurance after the opposition Whip stood on Standing Order 23 informing the house about the unavailability of the new Leones in the Bank.

According to Hon Hassan Abdoul Sesay the issue of redenomination is becoming unbecoming, explaining that during the debate process they raised concerns about the availability of the new currency.

He disclosed that the country is now experiencing, something which is less expected, stating that they still need why the country is experiencing shortage of cash in the Banks.

Hon Sesay informed the house that he sent someone with a cheque to cash at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank but he was informed that he had exceeded his withdrawal limit.

In response the Leader of Government Buisness, Hon Mathew Sahr Nyuma maintained the issue is controversial, at which the speaker asked him to explain his personal experience. Hon Nyuma assured that there’s enough money in the Banks as he just withdrew some amount from his account to ascertain that there is money in the Banks.

In backing his claims, he showed the speaker his text message on his phone indicating withdrawal .

Leader of the opposition, Hon Cherno Maju Bah, said the issue facing the economy is very serious, maintaining that they are on record for requesting to talk to Bank Governor for him to explain to talk to Bank Governor for him to explain how much money was printed and how much is in circulation.

“He must come and explain to the people’s representatives.” he said

The speaker, Hon Abass Bundu maintained the House deserve an explanation from the Bank Government on the new currency. It could be recalled that so many people are complaining about a shortage of the new currency at the Banks.

Most of them complained that they were refused to collect a certain amount of monies from their accounts. Whiles others are complaining about the Banks rejecting to honour their cheques.