“My Concern is The National Security” – Sylvia Blyden Criticizes Maada Bio Over Dual Citizenship Bill

Sierra Leonean Politician, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has made a comment on her twitter timeline about President Bio’s decision to amend a Section in the Constitution of Sierra Leone which precludes Dual Citizens to hold elective offices, including contesting for Presidential Elections.

“My concern is the National Security aspect of what our President says his Govt wants to do. Why open up sensitive governance positions to persons who have sworn Oath of Non-Allegiance (no more loyalty) to Sierra Leone? Political Correctness should be security conscious as well”. She Tweeted on Wednesday.

Sylvia Blyden is one of the many who were against the approval of the amendment of the dual citizenship Law since it was their Government that supported and enacted that Law in the first place.

Some of the Oppositions who are not Dual Citizens sees it as a disadvantage to them because removing that law, will open the doors to Dual Citizens who have the resources, expertise and many more advantages. For this reason, many did not consent to reviewing that law.

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However, that did not stop President Bio from approving the amendment of that law. As a result of that, The Political Commentator, Sylvia Blyden is now concerned that it may be threat to national security to open governance positions to dual citizens whom she said to have sworn Oath of Non-Allegiance to Sierra Leone.

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