Due to the continued deterioration of the credibility of the Government Pathologist, Dr. Owizz Koroma, whose reports have several times been thrown out by the court for lack of credibility, Lawyers for Skye Bank Managing Director, have written to the Inspector General of Police, copying relevant stakeholders, requesting for an independent examination on the deceased, Sinneh Kargbo, in the ongoing CID investigation of circumstances leading to her demise.

“In this regard, we have been made aware that a post-mortem examination is about to be conducted by the Government Pathologist on the deceased. Out of abundance of caution, the family of our client has secured the services of an expert Forensic Pathologist Specialist within the ECOWAS region to travel to Sierra Leone to also conduct a post-mortem examination,” the lawyers stated.

Adding that they kindly request that the corpse be made available to the Specialist Forensic Pathologist to conduct his examination on a date to be confirmed by the Consultant Pathologist within the next ten (10) days, in the presence of Government Pathologist, Police Officials and representatives of the deceased family or any other medical practitioner, to determine the cause and manner of death of the deceased.

Despite the family’s request for an expert pathologist to do an independent examination, the said expert pathologist was denied access, and as such, the lawyers have written to the Ombudsman and other relevant stake holders for their intervention.

“In this regard, we are constrained to bring to your attention the fact that our expert has not been granted access to perform his duties as a Consultant Pathologist,” the Lawyers stated in a letter to the Ombudsman

“We believe that any refusal of access amounts to concealment of evidence on the part of the investigators. We have taken the liberty to write to you to ensure that it is on record that our client has been denied his constitutional right to retain the services of an expert of his choosing, more especially for any potential defense that might be required to be raised in the process of any trial for and when it is needed,” the Lawyers pointed out.

According to the Lawyers, they are making this request so that they can avoid the “extreme traumatic circumstances” in which they might be constrained to apply for the corpse to be exhumed after burial,ย  sometime in the future, when they can easily get a postmortem done with every little intrusion at the point in time.