Over 600 members of the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) have submitted a formal request for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held within the next 21 days.

The requisition, served to the outgoing directors of the Association, cites Section 187(2) of the Companies Act of Sierra Leone, 2009 (as amended).

The requisition, made under Section 187(2) of the Companies Act of Sierra Leone, 2009 (as amended), stipulates that if the board fails to comply, the requesting members will themselves organize the EGM to address critical issues.

The EGM is expected to address several pressing issues, notably the disputed Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Kenema on May 18, 2024, and to ensure that members’ voices are heard in accordance with the Companies Act and the Association’s Memorandum and Articles.

In a joint statement, Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah and Wara Serry-Kamal expressed hope for a constructive EGM that would advance the interests of the SLBA and reinforce the association’s dedication to the rule of law and professional excellence.

The recent Bar Association election has been mired in controversy, with the slogan “shame on you” resonating throughout the process. A video circulating online shows lawyers chanting the phrase, though the intended target remains unclear. Sources on the ground suggest the frustration was aimed at national figures allegedly trying to influence the election.

In Kenema, one candidate reportedly booked all available hotel and guest house accommodations, forcing other candidates to find lodging in Bo. On election day, a vehicle blocked the main road, preventing those staying in Bo from reaching the voting venue on time.

Announced results show Tuma Adama Jabbi, wife of former Freetown mayoral candidate Mohamed Gento Kamara, winning the election by 560 votes.

In a joint statement, Presidential Aspirants Augustine S. Marrah and Wara Serry-Kamal denounced the events as a severe blow to democratic values.