Sierra Leone’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Kenyeh Barlay, and team conducted a site visit to assess the location for the upcoming state-of-the-art market in Waterloo.

This visit is part of the broader project, which includes the construction of five regional markets, 100 boreholes, and 1000 street lights within Sierra Leone. These initiatives will soon commence with the arrival of the technical team from China. The 11-acre dump site along the highway, closer to Waterloo Market, has undergone a feasibility study as a potential location for the construction of the ultra-modern market.

Ambassador Wang Qing, Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone has previously assured the minister of his government’s strong support and commitment to ensure the successful implementation of these projects, which are designed to enhance the well-being of Sierra Leone’s people.

Dedicated experts from line MDAs and the Chinese project team have conducted a comprehensive feasibility study at the proposed sites, which represents a significant undertaking under the Chinese government’s support.

The market women in Waterloo are filled with anticipation, eagerly awaiting positive news from the Sierra Leone government to kickstart this transformation, as they openly share their challenges and hopes.

Minister Barlay assured them of the government’s unwavering commitment to bringing this market to life, aligning with President Bio’s Big5 agenda.