Former President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael has expressed serious concerns on her Facebook page in relation to the way and manner the Anti Corruption  Commissioner Francis Ben  Kaifala speed up corruption investigations against members of the opposition.

The female Attorney pointed out that whether it is true or not, for most people the continuous failure of the ACC to Investigates countless allegations of corruption and abuse of power against members of the current regime in contrast to its enthusiasm to Investigate and prosecute political opponents has unfortunately created the impression that the Machinery of the ACC is being used as a shield for members of the sitting government as a sword against the opposition with the aim to eliminate political opponents and or keep them in check. This impression has been tightened and heightened due to the ongoing investigation of the Mayor.

She further stated that she humbly believes that perhaps the mistake that the ACC and the government are making is to realise that the harm of this impression on us as a nation far outweighs it’s benefits .

she highlighted that Firstly the impact of such impression questions the very legitimacy of the ACC and the sincerity of the government to fight corruption, and  it  further poses the real risk of revenge when regime change happens. We can’t afford to continue to be trapped in the cycle of revenge.

She further emphasized that we must avert the risks of that happening again to our beloved countrymen and women. It would therefore to be ideal for the ACC and the government to change course and take on the fight against corruption impartially and avoid appearing to use their authorities as a weapon to repress opponents .

She concluded by stating that failure to do so will be detrimental to us as a country and risk undermining the strides the Bio regime has made.