IT’S A MIRACLE OR MAGIC: failed Ernest Koroma’s thuggish APC party wins by-elections amid rampant corruption, missing Ebola money and poverty in the country? Pipul Pikin writes.

We have been very busy with workload and building our new website to expose Ernest Koroma hence no idle time to comment on the APC rigged elections. No surprise, we knew the APC would win.

But for the benefit of all doubt, we wish to state 10 facts/reasons why APC won the elections as follows:

1) One must be clueless not to know the evil tactics and thuggery used by the APC to win the by- elections. Economic coercion -misinformation and threats such as suggesting the denial of jobs, contracts, services and development opportunities if APC candidates are not voted for. Disruption, and the intimidation of participants of political party meetings and other events by rival political parties.

2) Elections without credible independent observers and without the involvement of the international community is a always a win for the APC.

3) No proper voters verification. Voters imported from other parts of the country to vote with fake voters card. We can only conclude that this is a deliberate effort to thwart democracy in Sierra Leone and cause chaos in the country.

4) Electoral fraud and illegal interference with the process of an election. APC acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.

5) APC “ideological” strategy involves the use of money and engage in corrupt deals to buy voters to satisfy their selfish political agenda. APC spend a substantial fraction of its resources in attracting voters through ideological exhortation as well as force.

6) APC “conflictual” strategy involves using activists and the security sector to perpetuate violence either to force ideological supporters of the competing party to vote in their favour or restrain them from voting.

7) APC with lower political support resort to more political violence and intimidation.
Fatal violence and intimidation directed against individuals, notably in the form of threat that could lead to political killings or assassinations

8) The APC holds the incumbency advantage, as the resources devoted to creating political intimidation increase in equilibrium and political competition is more violent.

9) APC is not popular . Ernest Koroma is not popular. In fact Ernest Koroma’s popularity has dropped to ZERO both local and international. And so they only way the APC can win elections is through the buying of votes and thuggery. APC only survives when opposition parties are at war with each other. And the SLPP has little or no money to compete with the corruptly rich APC candidates.

10) APC brutal and reckless campaign is evidence to supports our findings. It’s a shame that the SLPP and other parties can not figure out the reality and understand the dangerous political games being played by APC in a broad day light. The SLPP should find a party donor.

Ernest Koroma can win all the by-elections in the world, but for all we know there will be no more time for him. No third term for him . And there will be a regime change in 2017/18 elections.

And if you care about Sierra Leone democracy click here sign the Renaissance Movement petition against third term or more time for Ernest Koroma.