Former President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael, launched a scathing critique of the country’s leadership in a recent opinion piece.

Michael accuses officials of prioritizing self-promotion over addressing pressing national issues.

Lawyer Michael cites a multitude of challenges facing Sierra Leone, including the ongoing kush crisis, persistent power outages, a surging cost of living, and severe sanitation problems in the capital city, Freetown. She further highlights the country’s dismal ranking on the Human Capital Index (HCI) and the bleak prediction that children born today will achieve only a fraction of their potential due to limited access to education and healthcare.

Despite these daunting issues, Micheal argues that officials are more concerned with projecting an image of success. She criticizes their focus on “smiling for the cameras, accepting accolades, and delivering grand speeches” while failing to deliver meaningful solutions.

Michael condemns this “obsession with political posturing” from both government and opposition figures, calling it “futile” and “deceptive.” She warns that this superficial approach distracts from the nation’s real problems, including widespread lawlessness, inadequate anti-corruption efforts, embezzlement, and tragic loss of life.

Micheal concludes with a powerful message for public officials, urging them to prioritize the well-being of the people over personal glorification. She emphasizes that a nation’s progress is not measured by awards or speeches, but by tangible improvements in citizens’ lives, such as better service delivery and affordable basic necessities.