Popular Female Lawyer Basita Michael has in a post on social media condemn recent actions carried out by the leadership of the Sierra Leone  police.

In her post Basita Michael calls on the president to show the people of Sierra Leone that his Presidency is better than what the IG is projecting it to be

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Your Excellency President Bio when will you finally realize that the current IG is doing a profound disservice not only to the people of SierraLeone but to your very Presidency and legacy. From the LAJ saga, the killings at Pademba Road Prison, police brutality at IPAM campus, Makeni, Tonko Limba, Tombo, Lunsar, Lungi, the embarrassing Blacker incident, arrests and intimidation of dissenting voices and the 17 months-old baby, Hannah Kanu, who died in her mother’s arms while locked up in a police cell in Makeni are just few of the controversies surrounding the current IG that went viral and outraged the Public. Now we have just learnt that Femi Claudius Cole’s house is surrounded with Police to arrest her for incitement. Your Excellency you can no longer afford to continue to ignore the signs that threaten the foundation of our peaceful coexistence which you yourself has always spoken of internationally. We trust that your excellency will make conscious efforts to show the people of Sierra Leone and the world that your Presidency is better than what the IG is projecting it to be.