In a heartfelt message to the nation, President Bio of Sierra Leone has emphasized the urgent need to capitalize on the country’s vast agricultural potential as a means to drive sustainable economic growth and social advancement.

Highlighting agriculture as the keystone to elevating the quality of life for Sierra Leoneans, President Bio stated, “The time is upon us to fully harness our country’s agriculture potential to spur sustainable economic growth and social progress to improve the quality of life of our people.”

Outlining his vision for an agricultural renaissance, he urged every citizen to embark on what he termed an “Agricultural Odyssey”. The objective is clear: transform Sierra Leone into a self-reliant nation that not only feeds its people but also contributes significantly to the global food supply, while simultaneously ensuring environmental preservation for present and future generations.

The FEED SALONE transformation agenda, aimed at realizing this vision, will be spearheaded by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, @hmkpaka.

President Bio has announced the official launch of the FEED SALONE PROGRAMME on Monday, October 16, 2023, inviting all Sierra Leoneans to come together in unity with the rallying cry, “Let’s FEED SALONE.”