Sierra Leone’s president has called to action and committed to the act upon delivering all the items in the big five agenda in his second term in governance at the annual retreat at the Galiness Hotel in Bo.

President Bio during the retreat that was aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the nation currently reassured of total commitment to the nation as well as compelling his team members to act same, adding that, their business is to deliver, which they must do because they are going to be assessed, and the only way to succeed is to deliver.

He reminded the ministers of their commitment to the people of Sierra Leone and the need to fulfil their promises which everyone needs to do in achieving a holistic goal.

He urged the ministers to build on these successes rolled out already in the country and tackle new challenges with the aim of having a greater expectations.

“We have to step up because I put this team together for us to work collectively. I alone cannot do it,” the President stressed. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and candid discussions in achieving their goals. “We must have a candid discussion on how we must deliver on the big five game changers.”

President Bio made it clear that failure was not an option in his administration. “I will not fail, and I will not accept anyone to fail. Hence, all of you have to step up if you truly want to be part of this team,” he declared. He urged his ministers to be creative and innovative in their approaches, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and without delay.

The retreat is expected to foster a collaborative environment where ministers can openly discuss strategies and solutions to propel Sierra Leone forward. With President Bio’s firm leadership and vision, the government aims to meet its commitments and deliver tangible results for the people of Sierra Leone.

The President strongly emphasized that, to achieve sustainable developments and delivery of the Big Five Agenda requires a team of resolute ministers, head of agencies, civil society organizations, and the citizens with solutions to the challenges at hand.