Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero has given a view of why he thinks President Bio deserves a second term in office.

He referred to President Bio as a visionary who have a long term strategic plan to maintain Sierra Leone as a nation.

His statement reads;

’A visionary that embodies the mastermind to strategize beyond twenty plus years ahead.

He was a young military officer when they rose through the ranks of power in the early nineties.

Being the minister of marine resources then under the Strasser led govt,a smart mind will be fast to detect his unpredictable nature and calm but very discipline character.

Being a minister under this regime then also meant you had to physically engaged in war front battles with rebels rather than just comfortably sitted under air conditioned offices.

Our President today then played a very pivotal role in assisting the Strasser regime to almost eradicating the RUF combatants   pushing them to submission or cease fire.

Such heroic actions led to his immediate promotions as the deputy chairman then.

Leaving power in 1996 as a head of state, one could have embarked on self-destruction and counterproductive actions as some of his comrades did.

He had a vision, once he encouraged by stating Kao no man is too old to learn or pursue education.

President Bio embarked on his educational strides in the United States achieving his master’s degree while most of his contemporaries were in a hasty path to regain past glory.

Politics is mostly seen in Sierra Leone as an old man’s game, such narrative created road blocks for the aspiring young leader looking to ignite his political career.

Competition was tense in his camp for political leadership.

Tho some will see his early dismissals as total rejection, the Rtd Brig General was always focus.

Fast forward to present day Sierra Leone, he is now the commander in chief,

With a flagship free quality education programme benefiting millions of school going kids all around the country.

Building bridges and with the completion of a mind blowing international airport, even his critics are lots of words and in a state of shock.

I dare to challenge the naysayers that President Bio has appointed or given responsibility to  the most   young people in governance than any other president.

Ruling a country with a very hostile opposition calls for a president with a great mind, one with solid leadership qualities and a no nonsense individual.

Global wars equals to price hikes and inflated economies.

In the mist of all this difficulties, govt salaries are paid on time as ex-service men receives their added pension.

As a Sierra Leonean with a very genuine approach, my country need not take a U-turn backwards.

President Bio has stood the test of time so he deserves a second term’’. He maintained.