President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio has committed to developing the North Central District of Tonkolili.

The President reaffirmed his commitment to bringing development to the district during a campaign tour.

“For me, Tonkolili matters. Tonkolili matters to me,” the President informed the gathering.

He also said that he will work to develop the iron-rich district even though it is an opposition stronghold.

“You didn’t vote for me (in 2018); I have no MP from this district,” he said.

He referenced this government has made an agreement with mining companies that could benefit the people and stressed that monies for the people will be available for them now.

Tonkolili District is a rich iron ore district in Sierra Leone. The district hosts mining sites that produce thousands of tonnes of ore and also the infamous Bumbuna Hydroelectric Dam. However, the district is plagued with poverty and underdevelopment with its locals struggling to achieve their basic needs.